[Live-demo] [OSGeo] #911: bootloader install failed on install to hard drive

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#911: bootloader install failed on install to hard drive
 Reporter:  mattjs   |       Owner:  live-demo@…                                              
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Component:  LiveDVD  |    Keywords:  osgeo-live-5.5.iso;bootloader;install;grub;install dialog

Comment(by wildintellect):

 We do not code this ourselves, it comes directly from whatever Remastersys
 puts on the disc. This method is subject to change as our build method is
 moving towards what the regular ubuntu disc does. The best thing you could
 do is test our 6.0 alpha builds and compare the 2 build methods, as we
 have an alpha for each.


 Alternate is the new build method.

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