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#911: bootloader install failed on install to hard drive
 Reporter:  mattjs   |       Owner:  live-demo@…                                              
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Component:  LiveDVD  |    Keywords:  osgeo-live-5.5.iso;bootloader;install;grub;install dialog

Comment(by mattjs):

 BTW: whats the policy for installing the suggested Ubuntu updates that
 come through?
 I am loath to do so unless I feel a specific need to for a bug fix or
 version upgrade as I fear that something from the upstream ubuntu tree
 might break the Custom OSGeo Install. Are my concerns legitimate here?
 Also the kernel sources are not included so VMware's custom tools will not
 install without but the vmware graphics and mouse kernel modules from the
 tree are already pre-included and whilst not the greatest and latest (e.g.
 for automatic VM screen/window resizing) they should I think suffice even
 for intensive GIS graphics.
 Next OSGeoLive release then next install will be my policy. I have an
 ugradable Ubuntu install and OSGeo4W so I am covered for rendundancy and
 persisting any particular application I choose to along with its data.

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