[Live-demo] Re: How can we make the OSGeo-Live presentation more compelling?

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at osgeo.org
Mon Mar 26 02:56:32 PDT 2012

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El 23/03/12 22:02, Cameron Shorter escribió:
> Hi Jorge,
> I've just read through your presentation. It is interesting and takes a
> different slant as you point out, in that it talks about the project and
> how to get involved, rather than the products behind the project. I
> think it would be valuable for people wishing to find a path toward
> contributing to an Open Source project.
> I'm interested to here any feedback you may have from the audience.
> Was your presentation running in conjunction with other presentations?
> If so, what percentage of people attended your presentation?

It was a plenary session, with no other parallel talks. But it was
almost the last one so not too much people there (50 or 60 maybe).
Anyway people on the conference seemed very interested on the project
and on our last talk in Valencia we got some feedback and one or two new
collaborators, that's good.

> My suspicion is that your presentation could possibly be tweaked to be
> targeted more at what an audience might be looking for:
> * The types of audiences we could cater too are:
> 1. General Software Developers:
> * Want to know how to promote their Open Source projects. We can talk to
> OSGeo-Live's marketing channels, and how to get access to them, and how
> you could create your own marketing channels.
> * Want to learn the success factors in building an Open Source project.
> How to attract developers and contributors.
> 2. OSGeo developers
> * These people likely already know of OSGeoLive
> * They might want a workshop on how put their app on OSGeoLive and
> create good docs
> * They might want to hear about where OSGeoLive is going next, so that
> they can plan to be involved in it.
> 3. New Open Source GIS users (new to GIS, or GIS people new to OS)
> * This is the target audience for the current OSGeo-Live presentation
> I've put together
> * They wish to hear about what OSGeo applications are available (and how
> it compares to what they are using today)
> * They would really appreciate targeted advice on which of the 50
> OSGeo-Live projects they should start looking at.

Yes there are a lot of different ways to present the live project, and
depending on the audience of the conference we can focus on one or
another. In our case people knew pretty well the most common stack and
had a technical profile rather than "suits", so we wanted to get them
interested on contributing as translators, testers, etc.

> Jorge,
> I think a translation of your presentation would be valuable.

OK, I'll do it and post here the link as soon as possible, maybe next week.


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