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#896: sphinx doc build is broken because of BOM
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Comment(by hamish):

 the Byte Order Mark has been added and removed from the .csv lists of
 contributers for a while now.

 I haven't really been sure if they should be there or not so only did a
 quick edit just before the last release to stop the table creation from

 It's easy enough to open with vi and delete the first two chars in the
 file if needed.. Converting UTF back to ISO-8859-1 isn't too bad either:
   `iconv -f UTF-8 -t ISO_8859-1 utf_file > iso_file`

  * Should the BOM be there or not?
  * What files (if any) should be saved in UTF-8, and why? (ISO will not
 handle non-Western multibytes, but that doesn't necessitate that the
 English/Western pages also be in UTF)

 this is out of my area of expertise, but the constant "last committer
 wins" back and forth of text file variants is as we see here causing

 any tips from the multi-lingual trenches?


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