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#896: sphinx doc build is broken because of BOM
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Comment(by fgdrf):

 First of all, the sphinx doc build is still broken.  But nevertheless I
 agree whit you to harmonize all the file encodings.

 Sphinx assumes, if not configured at conf.py that all files are UTF-8
 sources (http://sphinx.pocoo.org/rest.html#source-encoding) , means both
 documentation (rst) and included files (e.g csv). The configuration value
 isn't set currently (`source-encoding`). So we should follow the defaults
 and should not mix between languages, nevertheless is necessitate or not.

 Got the build back working with the following steps (reverenced csv files
 were not correct, not the printed "sponsors.rst") :

 #1 `perl -CD -pe 'tr/\x{feff}//d' contributors.csv > xx;mv xx
 #1 edit the csv file with vi and typed `set fileencoding=utf-8`, saved and
 closed afterwards

 We should let this ticket still open because of mixed encodings (UTF-8,
 UTF-8 CRLF, "shell archive or script for antique kernel text", "ASCII
 text", "PARIX object not stripped", etc):

 To analyze the docs do execute in terminal:
 for f in `find . -name "*.rst"` ; do file $f ; done | grep -v target

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