[Live-demo] JTS Topology Application for inclusion in Live-DVD

Brian Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Sun Nov 11 17:23:16 PST 2012

I am a JTS User, and given the small footprint and clear stability,  
see no reason at all to not include

Brian Hamlin
OSGeo California Chapter
maplabs at light42.com

On Nov 11, 2012, at 2:06 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:

> Thanks Stefan,
> I believe JTS is a mature library, used by many OSGeo projects, and  
> which has a user interface which is often used to demonstrate the  
> principles of geometry functions.
> Assuming we have sufficient space on OSGeo-Live, I'm strongly in  
> favour of including JTS, and thank Stefan for putting forward this  
> proposal.
> So +1 from me.
> Any other comments before we make a final call on this?
> On 12/11/2012 3:19 AM, Stefan Steiniger wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> On behalf of Martin Davis and as a response to a request of  
>> Cameron I would like to formally apply for the Project “JTS  
>> Topology Suite” to be included in the (next?) Live-DVD release:
>> Please describe your application.
>> =================================
>> * What is its name?
>> JTS Topology Suite
>> * What is the home page URL?
>> http://tsusiatsoftware.net/jts/main.html
>> * Which OSI approved Open Source Licence is used?
>> * What does the application do and how does it add value to the  
>> GeoSpatial stack of software? :
>> JTS is a geometry library that provides geometry classes and  
>> spatial operations as defined in the OGC simple features  
>> specification for SQL.
>> - It is used as a geometry engine by a range of FOSS4G, such as  
>> OpenJUMP, gvSIG, OrbisGIS, deegree, GeoTools, Sextante GIS etc.  
>> (see: http://tsusiatsoftware.net/jts/jts-links.html#systems) It  
>> also the "reference" implementation for the OSGeo project "GEOS"  
>> used by many C++ FOSS4G (PostGIS, GDAL, QGIS). JTS iships with the  
>> JTS TestBuilder that allows creating and processing geometry and  
>> has a value as tool in production and education.
>> * Does the application make use of OGC standards? Which versions  
>> of the standards? Client or server?
>> - OGC Simple Features for SQL, (at least v. 1.2.0)
>> - rather server side, but on what side are desktop GIS? ;)
>> - OGC SFS applies to both client and server side
>> * What language is it written in?
>> Java
>> * Which version of the application should be included in the next  
>> OSGeo-Live release?
>> version 1.12
>> ==================================
>> Stability is very important to us on OSGeo-Live. If a new user  
>> finds a bug in one application, it will tarnish the reputation of  
>> all other OSGeo-Live applications as well. (We pay most attention  
>> to the following answers):
>> * If risk adverse organisations have deployed your application  
>> into production, it would imply that these organisations have  
>> verified the stability of your software. Has the application been  
>> rolled out to production into risk (ideally risk adverse)  
>> organisations? Please mention some of these organisations? :
>> - The library is used in production. Is used in several desktop  
>> GIS and server applications, and such have been used in public  
>> administration (JUMP, OpenJUMP, gvSIG, GeoServer).  Many hundreds  
>> of organizations have deployed products containing JTS.
>> * What is the size of the user community? You can often answer  
>> this by mentioning downloads, or describing a healthy, busy email  
>> list?
>> - The last version 1.12, from June 2011, has about 7200+ downloads  
>> (by 10. Nov. 2012). The user list:jts-topo-suite-user AT  
>> lists.sourceforge.net, receives an average of 1-2 emails per day  
>> (and sometimes many more).
>> * What is the size of your developer community?
>> one core developer (Martin Davis)  and several contributing  
>> developers over time
>> * Do you have a bug free, stable release?
>> bug free is unlikely ;) but stable exists
>> * Please discuss the level of testing that your project has gone  
>> through.
>> - a lot since 2003, given its use in other GIS software
>> - many unit tests are supplied, including over 2000 geometric cases
>> * How long has the project has had mature code.
>> - since February 2002
>> * OSGeo-Live is targeted at applications that people can use  
>> rather than libraries. Does the application have a user interface  
>> (possibly a command line interface) that a user can interact with?  
>> (We do make an exception for Incubated OSGeo Libraries, and will  
>> include Project Overviews for these libraries, even if they don't  
>> have a user interface.)
>> - yes, JTS comes with the JTS Testbuilder, that can be used for  
>> case studies and teaching
>> * We give preference to OSGeo Incubated Projects, or Projects  
>> which are presented at FOSS4G conferences. If your project is  
>> involved in OSGeo Incubation, or has been selected to be presented  
>> at FOSS4G, then please mention it.
>> - it has been presented at FOSS4G conferences (e.g. FOSS4G 2007 in  
>> Victoria BC, FOSS4G 2011 in Denver), and in 2011 Martin Davis  
>> received the OSGeo Sol Katz award for his work.
>> ============================
>> * With around 50 applications installed on OSGeo-Live, us core  
>> packagers do not have the time to liaise with every single project  
>> email list for each OSGeo-Live release. So we require a volunteer  
>> (or two) to take responsibility for liaising between OSGeo-Live  
>> and the project's communities. This volunteer will be responsible  
>> for ensuring the install scripts and English documentation are  
>> updated by someone for each OSGeo-Live release. Also test that the  
>> installed application and Quickstart documentation works as  
>> expected on release candidate releases of OSGeo-Live. Who will act  
>> as the project's liaison person.
>> - most likely Martin Davis (mtnclimb - gmail), Stefan Steiniger  
>> (sstein - geo uzh ch), etc.
>> * OSGeo-Live is Ubuntu Linux based. Our installation preference is:
>> - needs custom install script
>> - but jts 1.11 is also in Debian GIS http://packages.debian.org/ 
>> search?keywords=jts&searchon=names&suite=stable&section=all
>> * OSGeo-Live is memory and disk constrained. Can the application  
>> run in 512 Meg of RAM?
>> How much disk space will be required to install the application  
>> and a suitable example application?
>> - yes
>> - about 10 Meg
>> * We aim to reduce disk space by having all applications make use  
>> of a common dataset. We encourage applications to make use of the  
>> example datasets already installed:
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Add_Project#Example_Datasets  
>> If another dataset would be more appropriate, please discuss here.  
>> Is it appropriate, to remove existing demo datasets which may  
>> already be included in the standard release.
>> - JTS comes with an extensive set of test examples, which can  
>> serve as demo data.  Ideally these are provided with the  
>> distribution, but if necessary they can be reduced or removed.  
>> Also the TestBuilder is able to accept datasets in geometries in  
>> WKT and SHP format.
>> * Each OSGeo-Live application requires a Project Overview  
>> available under a CC By and a Quickstart available under a CC By- 
>> SA license. (You may release under a second license as well). Will  
>> you produce this?
>> - yes
>> * In past releases, we have included Windows and Mac installers  
>> for some applications. It is likely we won't have space for these  
>> in future releases. However, if there is room, would you be  
>> wishing to include Windows and/or Mac installers?
>> * probably; but not sure about it by now as it depends on time  
>> constraints.  These are not strictly necessary, since the  
>> application ships with scripts to run it on both platforms.
>> best regards,
>> Stefan & Martin
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