[Live-demo] Replacing MapServer/MapCache/TinyOWS with MapServer Suite on OSGeo-Live?

Basques, Bob (CI-StPaul) bob.basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Thu Nov 15 15:01:26 PST 2012


I think they should be thought of as two different things, the MapServer Suite and MapServer (plus each of the other things).

I tend to use MapServer more as a services LIB in a non-dependent way, as in no other dependencies required.  I (as well as others) have been using it this way for years I would imagine.

The MapServer Suite I envision as a way to package a demonstration product.  I'm looking at all of this from the end user side of things of course, and not from the source side, where combining things like docs, packaging and such is more of an enticing option.  If the code base is going to somehow merge between these, then this combining of docs and such would make much more sense.  But if the separate project code bases are still separated and data travels between packages, in a pipeline fashion for example, then the pieces should remain separate.

If there are going to be lone MapServer downloads still available, then I think the associated docs and packaging aspects would need to remain separate as well.  I could however see a way to merge these types of things in some sort of on demand system, where certain components are chosen for install and only those docs and package instructions are merged and only in an on demand fashion.  Using the same Styling and layout aspects would make much more sense in the near term to set up as well (if they aren't already).


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>>  > Steve and others,
>>  >
>>  > It is great to hear about MapServer Suite. I think it will be
>>  of great
>>  > interest to OSGeo-Live users.
>>  > I expect that the best way to describe these technologies to
>>  new users
>>  > would be to merge descriptions about all three projects into
>>  one
>>  > "MapServer Suite" Project Overview and Quickstart.
>>  >
>>  Steve, Alan, Johan, Pirmin, Olivier,
>>  I haven't heard back on this question. I'm very keen to hear the
>>  thoughts of each of you (and any others in these communities with
>>  an opinion).
>>  Would there be a downside to merging Mapserver Suite
>>  documentation?
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