[Live-demo] successfull Intergeo 2012 in Hannover Germany with OSGeo-Live

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Fri Oct 12 02:44:57 PDT 2012


we had a very successfull Intergeo fair this week. On the OSGeo-Park we
had booths for OSGeo/FOSS projects and a presentation area.

We spreaded more then 600 OSGeo-Live DVDs. We got very good feedback to
the DVD. Lot of people in Germany seam to already know OSGeo-Live.
Sounds great.  And also we often could refer to http://live.osgeo.org
for more information.

Thanks to all of you for the work on OSGeo-Live!

I added information to the wiki about Intergeo 2012



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