[Live-demo] Thoughts on how to include support information on the Live DVD

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Agree wholeheartedly, but this is a recurring question coming up from anyone interested in trying out (any) Open Source software.  It's also (in my opinion) a big piece of the Software sales task.  Are those lines in the overviews describing support coming from the support registry?  I know the stuff for GeoMoose was handwritten (by me) for example, but that's only pointing at the stuff our community knows about, shouldn't a piece of this be brought in from the support registry as well and printed out directly in the overview as a build process?

Putting out one or two pagers for each software package with some sort of Support pointer is pretty much a necessity.  I'm trying to explore a method where the information can be maintained in one location while still enabling the semi-update printing mechanism.  I assume for example that I could write something against this lookup service:


to pull information about particular packages,(like GeoMoose) etc:  Is there some sort of documentation or would I need to reverse engineer?:

                GeoMoose support = http://www.osgeo.org/search_profile?SET=1&MUL_COUNTRY[]=00007&MUL_LANGUAGE[]=00008&MUL_TECH[]=00088<http://www.osgeo.org/search_profile?SET=1&MUL_COUNTRY%5b%5d=00007&MUL_LANGUAGE%5b%5d=00008&MUL_TECH%5b%5d=00088>

Is there some sort of registry to let the service operators know that I'm using it in this fashion?  Is there an opportunity here to set up a next gen version?  Is there a method to pull from this database a XML feed possibly, for syncing purposes??  I bet some of the registrants might not want this though, but who knows.

I may be able to secure some funding for some sort of digest output for this type of online service, or possibly OSGeo thinks that it's better left up to OSGeo to provide (that's where the information was collected after all).  Either way, I wouldn't be interested in attempting anything in a vacuum unless it's a sanctioned process.


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I believe we have support questions covered as each Project Overview has a line describing support options for that package.
I wouldn't want to replicate this information as it would become a maintenance problem to keep the information maintained in 2 locations.

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I've been in a few discussions recently related to describing support options for OSGeo  software.

Are there any others with ideas about how to list support options for application on the Live DVD (or as a companion piece?)  I know this exists, but is it of any use to figure out a method or methods for distilling these type of listing down into Application pertinent listings for handouts at conference (along with a LiveDVD)?

I would imagine that the listing would likely change at different time indexes with respect to the LiveDVD releases.




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