[Live-demo] create pdf documentation

Luca Delucchi lucadeluge at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 07:48:19 PDT 2012

2012/9/25 Luca Delucchi <lucadeluge at gmail.com>:

> yes, I know. I just upload the new png images (without removing the old gif).
> Later or tomorrow I'll upload also the files with the new references
> (including translations)

in r9171 I fix the references to png, please try to compile the html
documentation (I tried and I didn't have any problem)
I also renamed some images files
viking-0.9.8-europe.jpg, geomoose-2.4-screenshot*.jpg) replacing the
dots inside the name with underscore and fix the references in the
files (r9172).
This [0] is a first version of PDF output (please download it only if
you are really interested, the file is 50MB), it has a lot work yet
(some errors are still in compilation) but it is a good starting

> I already try something but I have to work on it.
> Right now the simple way (that I see) to create a good html and pdf
> (pdf only for one language) documentation is:
> - rename index.rst to index.template and copy index.template to
> index.rst during compilation (I already try it and it works well)
> - create a index_pdf.template, copy it to index.rst and substitute a
> variable to set the language required for PDF file during compilation
> (I'm trying this but sed doesn't work)
> what do you think about this solution?

I wait a answer about this before to commit the last changes to abtain
a pdf file

[0] http://gis.cri.fmach.it/uploads/OSGeo-Live.pdf



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