[Live-demo] [OSGeo-Discuss] Got a simple question, but can't seem to find the stuff I'm looking for.

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Well, there are foundational projects like MapServer that were there from the start.  Maybe a better tack is to figure out an age for project and use that instead.

Inception date so to speak, regardless of whether they were associated with OSGeo or not.  Might be easier to find now that I think about it.


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I assume you mean when they graduated from incubation?  Or perhaps you mean when they entered?  I am not aware of a unified list.  But you could review news announcements, and incubation and board minutes to harvest the info painfully.

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Anyone know where I might find a chart/list that shows when a particular project was ratified by OSGeo, and added to the product list?

I'm only looking for "year of" at this point.  Would meeting minutes be the obvious place to start?



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