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I did a little book print out of the Overviews from the LiveDVD for a local conference.  It was looked at a couple of times, but I think a 8.5x11 sheet for each project would be a better bet for printing out, one for each project.  I've done Tri-folds in the past for GeoMoose for example.

I would like to suggest something similar as a resource for using at Conferences.

Having the software options all laid out and grouped by product type would go a long ways on the sale front.


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I'm splitting this email thread into 2, in order to address your
comments separately.

You have made a very valid suggestion that the Marketing Committee
provide a couple of simple fliers.
I believe we have the basis for most, if not all of this, but as noted,
it is hard to find.
I think the action out of this is for the marketing committee to
identify our key marketing fliers (and posters, and video loops, etc)
which we have available, and in particular, ensure it is up to date.
This should then all be referenced from one visible spot.

This will make it easy for LOCs to print and distribute the material.

On 11/04/2013 11:16 PM, Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Hi Cameron, all,
> I'll answer with two different hats:
> 1- As a OSGeo community member who is also the lead of a local chapter:
> My experience from trying to organize OSGeo's presence at events in
> the past is that DVDs/USBs/Stickers might be nice to give away, but to
> make a real impact, you'd need a couple of simple flyers that explain
> efficiently what OSGeo is about, what it does, and why visitors should
> care about it. This was a blocker for us (the Quebec chapter) and
> would be even more important than DVDs/USBs/Stickers and local groups
> don't have the time/resource/knowledge to prepare that.
> If this material already exists then great, let's promote it and not
> focus solely on the DVDs. It's easy to send out a PDF to organizers
> that they can print locally at very low cost. As an active member of
> OSGeo I was not able to find anything relevant last time I checked, so
> we ended up abandoning our free OSGeo booth due to lack of contents
> (and as the organizer of the rest of the event I didn't have time to
> work on that). If the material had existed in English we could have
> translated it, but I could not even find a relevant English flyer.
> All this to say that personally I am questioning whether it is really
> worth sending out DVDs/USBs/Stickers to 50 - 100 events around the
> world when we are lacking a simple PDF in multiple languages that
> local people could print to hand out at a booth.

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