[Live-demo] Xubuntu 13.04 build test

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 14:20:35 PDT 2013

On 04/25/2013 11:49 PM, Hamish wrote:
> Angelos wrote:
>> A few hour ago, Ubuntu 13.04 was released. Along with it
>> Xubuntu 13.04.
> is Lubuntu 13.04 out yet as well? (as far as our install scripts
> & packaging go they should all be mostly interchangable)
> I've had it (Lubu 12.04) on one of our workstations in the lab and
> am finding it quite pleasant+easy for non-linux users. The main
> difference/reason to consider/test between xubuntu and lubuntu is
> the disc space requirements I think.
> thanks,
> Hamish

I would like to see a full build with Xubuntu before changing to another DE.
This way we will know if disk space is still an issue, perhaps the extra 
disk space can be cut down.

Personally I have not used LXDE, but I have heard that it is very 
limited (some people call it a non-deskop but of course DE flame wars 
are well known...).

On the other hand, staying to 12.04.2 would be a safe choice, it is 
pretty stable at the moment....

So our options:
1. Xubuntu 13.04 (alpha1)
2. Lubuntu 13.04
3. Xubuntu 12.04.2


Angelos Tzotsos
Remote Sensing Laboratory
National Technical University of Athens

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