[Live-demo] iPython Notebook, SciPy and IRIS

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On Fri, 20 Dec 2013 18:37:19 -0800, Alex Mandel 
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On 12/20/2013 02:31 PM, maplabs at light42.com wrote:
> > >    I am doing a few small experiement with XUbuntu 12.04.3 and 
> the current repos.. 
> > > As some already know, I am advocating using python "distribute" / 
> pip  to add > python assets
> > > .... 
> The biggest issue this presents is for users who install and use
> OSGeoLive as their desktop as the upgrade path becomes muddled since apt
> no longer knows what's installed. Instructions on how to pip upgrade for
> end users might help a little. 

GOAL:  a compelling SciPy / iPython Notebook / matplotlib / IRIS

  Specifically for python-scipy, I used    

    apt-get build-dep  python-scipy

to satisfy the math libs dependancies.. I hand-edited the output in 
this experiment.. 
  (also adding basic compiler requirements too..)   something like this

gfortran gfortran-4.6 html2text libamd2.2.0 libblas-dev libbtf1.1.0 
libcamd2.2.0 libccolamd2.7.1 libcholmod1.7.1 libcsparse2.2.3 
libcxsparse2.2.3 libklu1.1.0 liblapack-dev libldl2.0.1 libpython3.2 
libsuitesparse-dev libumfpack5.4.0 po-debconf python-all python-all-dbg 
python-all-dev python-dbg  python3-all python3-all-dbg python3-all-dev 
python3-dbg python3-dev python3-minimal  sharutils swig

NOTE that the current install_iris.sh  already uses pip
   pip install netCDF4 pyshp

also I used   pip install -U pyzmq   (seems to be a major component)

I got SciPy 0.13 source and built after the setup.. to see what happens


  major python assets are pulled in by other major apps as depndancies,
e.g.  python-matplotlib   python-numpy  etc

  So it is unclear what happens if there is a newer pip version in 
place already
when the apt requirement is asked for.. apt does not see the existing 
install since it
looks at its own record keeping instead of examining the python world.. 

  In some cases (GEOS)  the package version goes in /usr/lib while 
other installation methods
can put results in /usrlocal/lib  .. which is less than ideal but manageable.. 

  I will look into possible clashes a bit, between pip installed 
assets and apt installed assets,
to see what really happens.. however, clearly the lesson is the more 
up-to-date .debs of
both python and non-python assets we can get, the cleaner this all will be.. 

  One reason this is more than idle inquiry is.. since 12.04 is "old" 
the python / iPython / SciPy
has advanced a *lot* while the official apt packages have not changed. 

  Q. do various Precise-backports repos have different sets of 
backports?   how different?

  > What would really be awesome is something like the cran2deb project
> where R package are by script converted into debs so they are always up
> to date via apt. So a pypi2deb ppa would be pretty sweet. 

  This is very much what we need .. as above... 

  > Also on the Postgis 2.1 topic, all that's needed is to get Ubuntugis to
> update their package and all should be good again. Good to know you have
> a potential workaround. 

  honestly, I do not have a complete workaround.. we still need a 
PostGIS 2.1 .deb using

  I meant that the apt.postgresql.org  repo with PostgreSQL 9.3 is 
complete enough to
be a basis for a Pg 9.3 base .. 

Brian M Hamlin
OSGeo California Chapter

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