[Live-demo] OSGeo Live 7 as Server

Ravi Kumar ravivundavalli48 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 27 20:11:22 PST 2013

Dear All,
Greetings from Rajahmundry (a GIS project for the City).
Have been using OSGeo Live DVD for years to propagate and evangelise with good feed backs.

1. Wish to use OSGeo Live installed and use the system as a server.
    This reduces the work of installing various FOSS GIS software, Java etc and their updating too. As OSGeo Live 7 uses Ubuntu 12.04 (mixed with Xubuntu) found this convenient.

As this is going to serve Rajahmundry GIS for society, just wish to know any body has done some thing similar.

2. I find certain problems with OSGeo Live 7, after update the Qgis changes from 1.8 to Dufour (qgis 2)

    which crashes after adding plugins. 

Ex Open Layers plugin doesnot work.. 

3. So I wish to seek guidance from those who travelled a similar route. Should I use

        a. Ubutu 12.04 and apt get all necessary software..
        b. Should I use OSGeo Live 7 installed and goahead with updates..

Cheers and a Happy 2014
Ravi Kumar
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