[Live-demo] [Ubuntu] UbuntuGIS - Google Summer of Code - packaging Java based OSGeo applications

Stefan Steiniger sstein at geo.uzh.ch
Fri Jun 7 16:17:35 PDT 2013

Hi all and in particular Jerome & Alan,

 > 3. I suspect we should start with the Geotools library first, then
 > GeoServer (which is used by a number of other applications), then other
 > java based applications (depending on which projects step up to work
 > with Jerome)

sounds good.
Can you guys send a message out to, e.g., this list if it comes to the 
"other" projects?
Not sure about the time people have on our project (OpenJUMP) - but its 
worth a try to connect Jerome with our release/installer maintained when 
the time comes.

cheers and a good hand with the GSoC work,

Am 07.06.13 17:45, schrieb Cameron Shorter:
> Jerome, Alan,
> We discussed ideas about Jerome's contribution toward OSGeo-Live in our
> OSGeo-Live weekly meeting yesterday and we see this summer-of-code
> project as an excellent opportunity to tackle one of the difficult
> packaging issues we have had to date. Namely, the packaging of java
> based applications.
> Historically, java packaging into ubuntu has been difficult, largely due
> to osgeo projects being dependant upon Sun Java, and Debian packaging
> OpenJDK. We the last OSGeo-Live release, we successfully moved all
> applications on OSGeoLive across to OpenJDK, so we should be in a good
> position to start packaging these java based applications.
> The other part of the problem, is that java projects usually don't have
> much expertise in debian packaging (because they have not been doing
> it), and debian packagers have not had much experience with java (again
> because they have not been working with it).
> What we really need is someone to work out how to bring these two
> processes (and communities) together by doing to hard work of working
> out what is required. Jerome's summer of code project provides an
> excellent opportunity to make a big difference in this regard.
> So I'd like to propose:
> 1. Jerome's primary focus should initially be on working out how to
> package java applications into debian based systems (such as UbuntuGIS)
> 2. Start packaging the key java based applications. (I can introduce you
> to key java developers and projects to ask questions of)
> 3. I suspect we should start with the Geotools library first, then
> GeoServer (which is used by a number of other applications), then other
> java based applications (depending on which projects step up to work
> with Jerome)
> Jerome, Alan,
> How does that sound for an idea?
> On 06/06/13 02:47, Alex Mandel wrote:
>> On 06/05/2013 09:22 AM, Alan Boudreault wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> As some of you may already know, we got a OSGeo Google Summer of Code
>>> slot for UbuntuGIS. I'd like to introduce Jérome Vileneuve Larouche (a
>>> student at The University of Québec at Chicoutimi) You may already have
>>> seen his name on the list since he was working part time with Mapgears
>>> during the last year. As the mentor of the project, I'm going to work
>>> with Jérome to update and improve UbuntuGIS.
>>> The main goals of the project is to:
>>> - Train the student to be comfortable with debian/ubuntu packaging.
>>> - Provide the UbuntuGIS-Stable Upgrade (biannual upgrade)
>>> - Provide packages for Ubuntu Raring.
>>> - Update UbuntuGIS unstable packages with all latest softwares
>>> (Collaborate and contribute to DebianGIS)
>>> - Collaborate with the user on the mailing list to be aware of the known
>>> issues and  provide new package and/or fixes
>>> - Provide upstream patches to various osgeo projects.
>>> - Create a new repository for debian stable (7.0) with all current
>>> up-to-date packages
>>> - Create more documentation for users and new contributors. (Howtos,
>>> tutorial)
>>> - Collaborate with the OSGeo LiveDVD project (more packaging for their
>>> setup?)
>>> We would be happy to hear comments/suggestions from the community to
>>> improve UbuntGIS.
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Alan
>> Awesome. I look forward to more Howtos to help us train more people to
>> become maintainers of packages.
>> As a member of UbuntuGIS, and OSGeo Live I'll be happy to help
>> coordinate between the 2 projects.
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
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