[Live-demo] gvSIG and Kosmo non-free libs test

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 28 00:56:54 PDT 2013

Brian wrote:
> there was discussion of adding a trivial license step for mrsid

> is that possible?  desirable ?

I don't think it's possible without a download at run time, but it
depends if the issue is right to use, or right to redistribute.

if we don't have the right to redistribute then an internet connection
and helper script would be needed. (or just leave it to the user to
install any plugins they like on their own, with a hint in the relevant
projects' quickstarts as to where to put it, but I think that's getting
beyond what a demo needs to do)

if it's "non-commercial use only" or other right to use issue, then
having the libraries stashed on the disc somewhere and moving them
to where they need to be to function after agreeing to a click-
through license might be ok. (see the NOAA "you can use these maps
as you like but please don't sue us" agreement set up by the OpenCPN


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