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#1065: Add "Big Data" to common datasets
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Comment(by pebau):

 Hi Angelos,
 they could be used in principle, but they are boring AFAICS: 3 time
 slices, that's not a time series. And, indeed, hyperspectral can do more
 interesting stuff (eg, NDVI). We have something on stock for various
 situations in life, see again the rasdaman demo mentioned above. There's
 1D through 4D ("Variety" aspect in Big Data!) which certainly could be
 used by other tools as well. BTW, following our "Big Data" discussion last
 year which ended up in "sorry, no space left on device", maybe we also can
 utilize the door through which these data now have passed successfully ;-)
 Also, let me renew our offer to sponsor USBs if we can get some decent
 space for the rasdaman demos in turn - last year there was a tech
 showstopper, some systems allegedly were not be able to boot from 8 GB
 sticks, maybe this is obsolete meantime?

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