[Live-demo] OSGeoLive 6.5 status: distribution

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 6 12:51:37 PST 2013

> Angelos wrote:
> > Since 6.5 is tagged and released, I propose that we unfreeze
> > svn trunk now and get new things in.
> > Thoughts?

Hamish wrote:
> Even though my collection of updates to commit is growing
> quite large, I'd suggest to wait a week before doing that.
> Just in case..


ok, a week has passed, no reports of catastrophic breakage, so
trunk is now thawed for new 7.0 development. Go forth and break
stuff again. :)

fyi, sourceforge stats show ~1250 downloads in the last week,
which is up from our average over the last six months of about
700 iso downloads per week.

currently the full iso seems the most popular, with the mini
and the VM evenly split for 2nd place. note the SF page links
to the mini for its download button, which may help its numbers
a little.


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