[Live-demo] How to resize the osgeo-live-vm- 6.5.vmdk (normal 20 GB)

Angelo Paone angelo.paone1 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 15:04:25 PDT 2013

Dear mailing list,

I just wonder if somebody knows how to resize the updated
VirtualBox-4.2.10-84105-Win, with the osgeo-live-vm-6.5.vmdk (normal 20
GB). I want to get at least 30 GB. I have looked through the web but there
are not detailed information about osgeo-live. Can someone direct me?

Best Wishes

Angelo Paone

Angelo Paone
Research Professor
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Marie Curie Fellow
PhD, MSc, BSc
Pusan Natioanl University
Department of Earth Science
30, Jangjeon-dong, Geumjeong-gu
Busan, Republic of Korea
Tel. +82-51-510-2987
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