[Live-demo] [OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeoLive 7.0 status: alpha1

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sun May 12 17:45:33 PDT 2013

On 05/12/2013 05:41 PM, Hamish wrote:
> Alex wrote:
>> Angelos are you up for trying a build based on the 64+mac iso?
> question: is the 64+mac build also ok for 64+generic PC hardware?
> (seems that it wouldn't be, otherwise why else ubu 13.04 come in
> 32,64,64mac instead of just 32,64mac?)
> q2: for the 32bit, shall we use the pae kernel for large-mem access?
> Hamish

My understanding is that the +mac disables UEFI support (something about 
the Mac implementation being weird and non standard since it predates 
the standard), so yes newer machines can use it in Legacy boot mode. But 
someone wanting to dual boot with a pre-installed win 8 box will have 
issues using that (do we really want to give those people 32bit 
anyways?). The reason Dvds work on a Mac is that they always boot in 
Legacy mode as detected by the Mac.

Ubuntu still has 32bit because there is still plenty of older hardware 
that isn't 64bit. If I though it would be easy to apply the same hack 
they use to make +mac on a 32 bit build I would suggest that for max 


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