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Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Mon May 13 02:41:22 PDT 2013

On 05/13/2013 03:41 AM, Hamish wrote:
> Alex wrote:
>> Angelos are you up for trying a build based on the 64+mac iso?
> question: is the 64+mac build also ok for 64+generic PC hardware?
> (seems that it wouldn't be, otherwise why else ubu 13.04 come in
> 32,64,64mac instead of just 32,64mac?)
> q2: for the 32bit, shall we use the pae kernel for large-mem access?
> Hamish
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Hi Hamish,

Q1: This is a very good question. It would be too much to support 2 new 
architectures. I have build environments right now for both 32 and 64 
bit hosts but I do not have a Mac to test. Personally I feel that mac 
users should not receive be some kind of special treatment (only Ubuntu 
offers a dedicated build, other distros don't), so I would prefer to 
have 64bit build without the mac changes.

Q2: I think that it is a good idea not to change the default kernel. So 
far we were holding back the kernel updates to protect the build process...


Angelos Tzotsos
Remote Sensing Laboratory
National Technical University of Athens

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