[Live-demo] i3geo on OSGeo-Live 6.5?

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Mon May 27 14:35:34 PDT 2013

Valenty, Edmar,
I'm interested to know how i3geo has progressed since our last discussion.
We have started our next OSGeo-Live release, and you might consider that 
i3geo is ready to re-apply.


We are starting the build cycle for the 7.0 OSGeo-Live 
<http://live.osgeo.org/> DVD/USB/VM which will be released in September 
2013, ready for the global FOSS4G conference in Nottingham, UK 
<http://2013.foss4g.org/>. We would like to hear from anyone wishing to 
add new projects to the live DVD, anyone wishing to extend or add extra 
translations, or anyone who has ideas on how we should shape the 
upcoming release.

Also, could all projects please reply to us with which stable version of 
their software should be included in this release.

    Key Milestones

    17 Jun 2013 All new applications installed, most old applications
    15 Jul 2013 Feature Freeze (all apps updated)
    05 Aug 2013 User Acceptance Test (all apps installed and working)
    26 Aug 2013 Final ISO sent to printers

... full schedule 

    OSGeoLive 7.0-alpha1 released

We have released the first alpha version of OSGeo-Live, which includes 
an update from Xubuntu 12.04 to 12.04.2 along with updated versions of 
applications from UbuntuGIS repository. Feel free to start testing your 
applications in the latest release. Download Alpha 1 

    About OSGeo-Live

The OSGeo Live demo DVD/VM/USB is an Xubuntu <http://xubuntu.org/> based 
distribution of Geospatial Open Source Software, available via a Live 
DVD, Virtual Machine and USB. You can use it to try a wide variety of 
open source geospatial software without installing anything.

On 15/01/2013 6:48 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Valenty,
> Ok, understood.
> I look forward to seeing i3geo on osgeolive when you are ready.
> On 15/01/13 01:19, Valenty Gonzalez wrote:
>> Hello:
>> Your comments are always welcome, but we believe that the best thing
>> that we can do is not be at this edition live-dvd and wait until the
>> next one.
>> Basing us on the requirements that you gave us to be included in the
>> current edition of the OSGeo live dvd we only had have to deliver a
>> quickstart guide and an overview guide in English for today. But
>> considering the recent elements that has originated some doubts about if
>> I3Geo should  be accepted, we decide wait until we could have a better
>> scenary  of our current situation.
>> Thanking for your considerations,
>> Best Regards,
>> Valenty González
>> ----------
>> Sus comentarios son siempre bienvenidos, pero creemos que lo mejor
>> que podemos hacer es no estar en esta edición live-dvd y esperar hasta
>> la próxima.
>> Basándonos en los requerimientos que usted nos dio para ser incluido 
>> en el
>> edición del live-dvd OSGeo sólo teníamos que entregar un Guía de inicio
>> rápido y una guía de instalación en Inglés para hoy pero teniendo en
>> cuenta los elementos recientes que ha originado algunas dudas acerca de
>> si se debe aceptar I3Geo, decidimos esperar hasta que podamos tener un
>> mejor escenario de nuestra situación actual.
>> Dando las gracias por sus consideraciones,
>> Saludos cordiales,
>> Valenty González
>> El 12/01/13 05:07, Angelos Tzotsos escribió:
>>> I agree with Alex and Brian.
>>> The decision is not yet final. Consider this a review process that
>>> leads to including the software in the Live.
>>> Many other projects have remained in beta for 1 version of the DVD in
>>> order to improve such details and then were included without any
>>> issues. So don't get disappointed about this process.
>>> Personally, I would like to test the QuickStart in full extent to make
>>> a decision. I would like to see the new user experience first.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Angelos
>>> On 01/11/2013 10:24 PM, Alex Mandel wrote:
>>>> Edmar,
>>>> The decision is not final. We wanted to discuss it more with your
>>>> community and help create a roadmap for how to get i3geo onto OSGeo
>>>> live. The worst case scenario is that we include the install script 
>>>> and
>>>> docs so users can trigger a web download to install it themselves.
>>>> I'm of the opinion that we should include software that works. If your
>>>> software works as intended and is use by a large number of people, 
>>>> then
>>>> we just need to get you some help translating so that users who don't
>>>> speak Portuguese can use it.
>>>> Please let us know how we might be able to help reach these goals.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Alex
>>>> On 01/11/2013 11:43 AM, Edmar Moretti wrote:
>>>>> Cameron,
>>>>> In fact, the i3Geo is not fully translated into English and 
>>>>> Spanish. A
>>>>> small part of the interface is translated, but the user manuals and
>>>>> administrator are not.
>>>>> I do not know if in 6 months be able to translate everything, but we
>>>>> will work for it.
>>>>> On the issue of code quality, there are always favorable and
>>>>> unfavorable
>>>>> opinions. I also do not know the blog has been mentioned, but 
>>>>> there is
>>>>> an ongoing effort to improve the code, and the opinions of experts 
>>>>> are
>>>>> always welcome.
>>>>> In relation to not include in the next version, I'm sad, but the only
>>>>> thing I can do is keep working on software evolution. We engage in a
>>>>> lot
>>>>> of preparation for i3Geo live-dvd and I was surprised with the
>>>>> decision,
>>>>> but that's life ...
>>>>> De fato, o i3Geo não está totalmente traduzido para o Inglês e
>>>>> Espanhol.
>>>>> Uma pequena parte da interface está traduzida, mas os manuais de
>>>>> usuário
>>>>> e administrador não estão.
>>>>> Não sei se em 6 meses conseguiremos traduzir tudo, mas trabalharemos
>>>>> para isso.
>>>>> Sobre a questão da qualidade do código, sempre existem opiniões
>>>>> favoráveis e  desfavoráveis. Eu também não conheço o blog que foi
>>>>> mencionado, mas há um esforço contínuo de aprimoramento do código, 
>>>>> e as
>>>>> opiniões dos especialistas são sempre bem vindas.
>>>>> Em relação a não incluir na próxima versão, eu fico triste, mas a 
>>>>> única
>>>>> coisa que eu posso fazer é continuar trabalhando na evolução do
>>>>> software. Nos dedicamos muito na preparação do i3Geo para o 
>>>>> live-dvd e
>>>>> fiquei surpreso com a decisão, mas é a vida...
>>>>> Em 11-01-2013 04:55, Cameron Shorter escreveu:
>>>>>> Edmar, Valenty, Javier,
>>>>>> At our weekly OSGeo-Live IRC meeting [1], we discussed which new
>>>>>> applications to include on OSGeoLive.
>>>>>> In discussing i3geo, we had concerns that about i3geo's readiness 
>>>>>> for
>>>>>> our 6.5 release timeframe, and suspect that it would be better for
>>>>>> i3geo to target the osgeolive 7.0 release (6 months later).
>>>>>> In particular, it seems that i3geo's English interface is not as 
>>>>>> good
>>>>>> as the Spanish interface yet.
>>>>>> dbb also mentioned a blog post discussing the quality of the i3geo
>>>>>> code. (I haven't seen the mentioned blog)
>>>>>> What this would probably mean would be that we'd include the i3geo
>>>>>> installer (so developers can test the application) but not actually
>>>>>> install the application.
>>>>>> Comments?
>>>>>> [1] http://irclogs.geoapt.com/osgeolive/%23osgeolive.2013-01-10.log
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