[Live-demo] Updated presentation

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 3 01:10:02 PDT 2013


>Hi Angelos,
>I had a look at your presentation. It is very cool.
>I have two little points I noticed:
>* OSGeo-Live - we write OSGeo-Live with -

Others might do that as they like, but I don't ever write it that way.
IM(personal)O the hyphen is redundant/unnecessary, so I don't use it,
but to each their own. With or without will not cause confusion or
change the dissemination of our good name. Shipping rock-solid software
demos and slick tutorials is by many magnitudes the best marketing
tool we could ever wield, everything else is just minor details
which can be left out back in the bike shed. :-)

2c + regards,

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