[Live-demo] Updated osgeolive makefile

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 03:42:02 PDT 2013

As I mentioned in an earlier part of this email thread, OSGeo-Live 
presentation docs are now incorporated into the rest of the 
documentation, and are built as part of the build process.

On 24/09/13 19:05, Hamish wrote:
> make_presentation script notes:
> - please "quote" all variables, especially paths and filenames.
> - use  if [ -d "$2" ] ; then   to test if dir exists?
> - $((j % cols)) is a bashism, so shebang should be !/bin/bash
> (I think `dash` can deal with those, but not guaranteed ..)
> - cd'ing back to the original dir at the end of the script isn't
> needed as long as the script is run with "./scriptname.sh" and
> not sourced with ". scriptname.sh" or "source scriptname.sh".
> A process's local environment (including pwd and and $variables)
> is reaped along with the process memory when that script exits.
Thanks, I'll update the script accordingly.
> Finally I would raise the question if the presentation belongs in
> the main gisvm/trunk/ svn at all? Perhaps it would be better to
> put it in
>    https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/browser/livedvd/promo/trunk/en/presentation
> and run it as a separate cron job?
> does it need to be in the main tree or would moving it be too much
> of a barrier for the translators to find? I guess there is low
> overhead keeping it in the main trunk since all the graphics are
> shared with the other docs? (I'm sort of answering my own question
> here)
My thoughts are that it would be valuable to distribute our presentation 
on the OSGeo-Live distribution, along with the rest of the 
documentation. People can take the DVD home from a FOSS4G type event, 
and give the OSGeo-Live presentation at their workplace, from OSGeo-Live.

And yes, presentation docs could then easily be incorporated into the 
translation pipeline.

Also, as you mention, most of the presentation images are based on the 
main doc images.
> Angelos:
>> >We will probably need to re-think our documentation process
>> >soon. During the BOF, all I could hear was about proposed
>> >documentation/translation changes.
> ideas are a sure sign of energy! good!
>> >I am preparing a sum-up on this issue and will let you know
>> >about the ideas that were around the table.
> I'll be keen to hear them.
> regards,
> Hamish
Yes, I'm also keen to hear feedback from FOSS4G.

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