[Live-demo] Another OSGeo-Live BoF at FOSS4G today after OSGeo AGM

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 15:00:57 PDT 2013

Hi Jeremy,

It was really nice to meet you at FOSS4G. Thank you for organizing such 
an excellent conference for the community.

Sorry that I forgot those 2 points. Perhaps I forgot some other things 
too, please free to add here or the BOF wiki page.

To answer the first one, I would need to know what kind of changes you 
did on the USB for the FOSS4G workshops. Ian told me that you did 
changes but we did not manage to find time to go into the details.

As for the second, we did have a plan to release a 7.0.1 with some fixes 
in, but qgis 2.0 is a new feature and a pretty big one too for a point 
release... plus we will need to update documentation and make sure that 
all the plugins needed for the quickstarts are updated for 2.0 and 
included too. This seems to me like a 7.5 work to be done, but I am open 
to suggestions on how to manage such an update earlier.


On 09/25/2013 10:21 PM, Jeremy Morley wrote:
> Angelos,
> Good to meet you and everyone else at FOSS4G. The Live-DVD BoF was one of
> the few things I made it to!
> I had two specific things.  Firstly, as mentioned in the meeting, a way to
> set proxy information system-wide, including in the various applications,
> would be particularly useful.
> Secondly, is there any chance of a 7.1 version sooner than the 7.5 release
> that includes QGIS 2?..
> Jeremy
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> On 25/09/2013 18:47, "Angelos Tzotsos" <gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> What an exciting OSGeoLive BOF meeting at FOSS4G!
>> Even though we did not manage to meet for a second time, we did join the
>> Edu BOF and lots of ideas came from that direction too.
>> Summing up:
>> 1. Documentation.
>>      - Many expressed that translation process is not working as it
>> should (outdated pages get published, tracking outdated pages in not
>> possible with stats page etc). It has been proposed to use something
>> like Transifex to manage our translations. Also, outdated pages should
>> be blocked by the system from being released.
>>      - Education is an important goal for OSGeoLive, we need to find a
>> way for ICA-OSGeo Labs to be able to add new tutorials, workshop
>> material etc. We should probably re-think this download launcher we have
>> at the Live desktop and make it work again... perhaps pointing to the
>> ICA-OSGeo repository.
>>      - It was proposed to move ALL documentation into debian package(s),
>> in order to be able to provide updates to it.
>>      - PDF creation was discussed in order to provide our docs to
>> students as a handbook.
>>      - Find a way to update and build docs within the Live disk (eg by
>> not deleting the svn files)
>> 2. Build/Development:
>>      - Create Java packages outside Launchpad (using binaries) in order
>> to finally make OSGeoLive a meta-package. I was told we will have more
>> packagers on this ;) This would enable future OSGeoLive versions to have
>> an upgrade path...
>>      - Create vagrant machines to be able to make debugging easy for the
>> masses.
>>      - Cloud deployment of OSGeoLive on Synnefo for demonstration
>> http://www.synnefo.org/
>> https://accounts.demo.synnefo.org/ui/login
>>      - There was a suggestion for full CI solution like Jenkins
>> 3. Code:
>>      - LOTS of people on the meeting want the project to move on git
>> (preferably on an OSGeo infrastructure). I would like to hear them on
>> the mailing list too. I am long ago in favor of that switch. It seems I
>> am not alone anymore...
>> 4. Data:
>>      - For 7.5 we should ask all projects to use only common data sets.
>> This is a big thing, similar to the Java cleanup we did for 6.0...
>> 5. Distribution:
>>      - It was suggested that each conference should ask each delegate if
>> they want OSGeoLive on a DVD or on a USB drive. If a USB is selected (I
>> guess most of them would) then charge a couple of more $ on conference
>> registration. Wonderful suggestion IMO
>>      - There was a suggestion for creating postcards as a marketing
>> material.
>> Lets open the discussion on the above and see what can be done for 7.5
>> Cheers,
>> Angelos
>> On 09/20/2013 11:37 AM, Astrid Emde wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> yesterday we had a very good meeting with people interested in
>>> OSGeo-Live.
>>> We were more than 15 participant.
>>> We talked about a lot of topics and nearly missed the Gala dinner ;)
>>> You find the topics we discussed about on the BoF FOSS4G wiki page:
>>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2013_BirdsOfAFeather#OSGeo-Live
>>> Please add your name if you want.
>>> TODAY we want to meet again.
>>> We will meet after the OSGeo GML. We still have to find a room.
>>> Yesterday
>>> it looked like some of you want to discuss more about the documentation
>>> and about packaging and build process.
>>> Today from 9-10 we are also invited to the Education and ICA-OSGeo Labs
>>> meeting
>>> When - Friday 20th September at 09:00 -10:00 in the GeoCamp Marquee
>>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2013_BirdsOfAFeather#Education_and_ICA-
>>> OSGeo_Labs_meeting
>>> See you in the evening at next OSGeo-Live BoF meeting
>>> Astrid
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