[Live-demo] Are the nightlies mirrored in the USA?

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Apr 21 11:16:06 PDT 2014

On 04/21/2014 10:52 AM, Alex Mandel wrote:
> On 04/21/2014 10:45 AM, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky wrote:
>> I'm ready to start beta testing the latest release. I found a link to
>> a nightly build ISO file in Greece, but I'm in the USA - near the huge
>> Oregon State OSUOSL mirror site, in fact. Are the nightlies mirrored
>> anywhere closer to me than Greece?
> Yes, they are usually copied to California
> http://osprey.ucdavis.edu/downloads/osgeo/gisvm/gisvm/
> Looks like we haven't copied the newest 8.0 builds yet.
> Will take care of that sometime today.
> Thanks,
> Alex

Copy complete. Keep in mind almost 0 scripts have been updated for 14.04
so we're not even to Alpha yet. We're still waiting for things like
Ubuntugis to catch up with the new ubuntu. I wouldn't expect a beta for
a month or 2.


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