[Live-demo] OSGeo-Live weekly meeting tomorrow (a day early)

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 13:24:50 PST 2014

Hi all,
I'm going to be on the road during our using meeting time slot. Can we 
move our meeting forward one day? (see below for time):

* I've reached out to all existing projects, asking which version of 
their application will be installed on osgeolive 8.5. Results are being 
collected at 
* OpenLayers 3 will be a highlight for this project and is being 
updated. (Some help with this major update would be worth while)
* I've heard back from the Cesium community who are interested to 
package Cesium in the next release.
* The OGC CITE testing project plan to get back to us by the end of this 
week letting us know if they will add CITE to OSGeo-Live.
* Tilemill's project contact has stepped down. Is the project a 
candidate for retirement?
* Angelos: status of builds?
* I've started an OSGeo Incubation audit for OSGeo-Live
* What else?


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