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#1298: netCDF et al
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Comment(by darkblueb):

 hiebert writes :
 With respect to netcdf pacakges in python, Scientific.IO.NetCDF is a pure
 python implementation that only handles classic (version 3) NetCDF files.
 To my knowledge it is not under active development (like you have noted
 with the 6 year old revision date). There is definitely merit to using a
 pure python implementation (it can run on different interpreters like PyPy
 and Jython, there is no build/linking process, and it's substantially more
 portable). However, not handling version 4 NetCDF files can be

 It's worth noting that the NetCDF4 format is a subset of the HDF5 format,
 so you can use either library to open NetCDF4 files. We use the
 netcdf4-python and the h5py packages. Both sets of developers are
 extremely responsive and I trust their code. We typically install both
 using python's pip, rather than relying on the Debian packages.

 I hadn't noticed that I only gave you NetCDF 3 files. Hopefully, that's
 OK. We use both depending on the needs of the data storage for a
 particular project.


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