[Live-demo] gvSIG and legacy.sql

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 12:10:15 PST 2014

Hi Jorge,
I'd like to work with the gvsig community to work out a solution to 
ensure gvSIG works with PostGIS 2 on our next OSGeo-Live.

These are 2 high profile projects, and indicates a lack of OSGeo 
maturity if we can't demonstrate them working together.

What are our options for getting this fixed?

On 30/12/13 23:45, Jorge Sanz wrote:
> 2013/12/27  <maplabs at light42.com>:
>> Hola jsanz -
>>    best wishes from California ...
>>    I would like to know about gvSIG 2.x and PostGIS 2.x, please. We are
>> starting basic work on the next OSGeo Live and the PostGIS is important..
>> gvSIG was on the list last time, of apps that needed the bad legacy.sql for
>> PostGIS.
>>    thanks and have a great holiday too
>> --
>> Brian M Hamlin
>> OSGeo California Chapter
>> blog.light42.com
> Hi all,
> Sorry for the delay I missed this mail with the holidays, the thread and all.
> I've created a ticket on the gvSIG bug tracker to raise this topic.
> The problem is that we need to keep the backwards compatibility with
> old versions of PostGIS so we need to do some checks on the code, it's
> not just a renaming of the functions on the code so I think this
> ticket won't be resolved for this release.
> https://devel.gvsig.org/redmine/issues/2170
> If it's really a blocker to get rid of the legacy file, go with it and
> we will put a notice on the live docs for the users, to not use
> directly gvSIG with postgres on the LiveDVD distribution.
> Best regards

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