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Hi Micha,

Regarding our questions:
1. Now we use the OSGeoLive PPA to build the DVD, so UbuntuGIS is 
disabled in the builds.
I have copied spatialite packages few days back.
I frequently check UbuntuGIS to pull new packages, but a heads up would 
be nice to wake me up in some cases :)
The idea is to have OSGeoLive Nightly PPA synced with UbuntuGIS Unstable 
as much as possible. At the same time OSGeoLive nightly builds are a 
good way to test packages before pushing to UbuntuGIS IMHO.
e.g. right now the nightly PPA has postgis 2.1.1, which is ahead of 

2. The trunk/bin/install_desktop.sh is responsible to make menu items 
work. Please check that and also the trunk/desktop-conf folder for xml 
settings that are used.


On 01/24/2014 02:50 PM, Micha Silver wrote:
> I've tested spatialite on a fresh xubuntu 12.04 VM, and (thanks to Jerome's
> efforts) we now have the newer spatialite 4.1 and the GUI version 1.6, all deb
> packages straight from ubuntugis-unstable. And the version 2.0 of QGIS which
> will be on the LiveDVD works with spatialite databases created with this new
> spatialite. So I've committed a new install_spatialite.sh script with all the
> old compilations commented out, and installations using straight-forward apt-get.
> Two questions:  Can I depend on the ubuntugis-unstable repo being available in
> the sources.list during the build? I haven't followed this osgeolive repo. So
> will these unstable packages be accessible?
> Also, what needs to be done now to get the menu items in place? The spatialite
> deb puts an icon in the "Development" menu.
> Cheers,
> Micha
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