[Live-demo] iPython Notebook, SciPy and IRIS

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 05:30:06 PST 2014

On 12/22/2013 11:20 PM, maplabs at light42.com wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Dec 2013 18:37:19 -0800, Alex Mandel 
> <tech_dev at wildintellect.com> wrote:
> On 12/20/2013 02:31 PM, maplabs at light42.com wrote:
>> > >    I am doing a few small experiement with XUbuntu 12.04.3 and 
>> the current repos.. > > As some already know, I am advocating using 
>> python "distribute" / pip  to add > python assets
>> > > ....
>> The biggest issue this presents is for users who install and use
>> OSGeoLive as their desktop as the upgrade path becomes muddled since apt
>> no longer knows what's installed. Instructions on how to pip upgrade for
>> end users might help a little.
> GOAL:  a compelling SciPy / iPython Notebook / matplotlib / IRIS
>   Specifically for python-scipy, I used
>     apt-get build-dep  python-scipy
> to satisfy the math libs dependancies.. I hand-edited the output in 
> this experiment..   (also adding basic compiler requirements too..)   
> something like this
> gfortran gfortran-4.6 html2text libamd2.2.0 libblas-dev libbtf1.1.0 
> libcamd2.2.0 libccolamd2.7.1 libcholmod1.7.1 libcsparse2.2.3 
> libcxsparse2.2.3 libklu1.1.0 liblapack-dev libldl2.0.1 libpython3.2 
> libsuitesparse-dev libumfpack5.4.0 po-debconf python-all 
> python-all-dbg python-all-dev python-dbg python3-all python3-all-dbg 
> python3-all-dev python3-dbg python3-dev python3-minimal  sharutils swig
> NOTE that the current install_iris.sh  already uses pip
>    pip install netCDF4 pyshp
> also I used   pip install -U pyzmq   (seems to be a major component)
> I got SciPy 0.13 source and built after the setup.. to see what happens
>   major python assets are pulled in by other major apps as depndancies,
> e.g.  python-matplotlib   python-numpy  etc
>   So it is unclear what happens if there is a newer pip version in 
> place already
> when the apt requirement is asked for.. apt does not see the existing 
> install since it
> looks at its own record keeping instead of examining the python world..
>   In some cases (GEOS)  the package version goes in /usr/lib while 
> other installation methods
> can put results in /usrlocal/lib  .. which is less than ideal but 
> manageable..
>   I will look into possible clashes a bit, between pip installed 
> assets and apt installed assets,
> to see what really happens.. however, clearly the lesson is the more 
> up-to-date .debs of
> both python and non-python assets we can get, the cleaner this all 
> will be..
>   One reason this is more than idle inquiry is.. since 12.04 is "old" 
> the python / iPython / SciPy
> has advanced a *lot* while the official apt packages have not changed.
>   Q. do various Precise-backports repos have different sets of 
> backports?   how different?
>  > What would really be awesome is something like the cran2deb project
>> where R package are by script converted into debs so they are always up
>> to date via apt. So a pypi2deb ppa would be pretty sweet.
>   This is very much what we need .. as above...
>  > Also on the Postgis 2.1 topic, all that's needed is to get 
> Ubuntugis to
>> update their package and all should be good again. Good to know you have
>> a potential workaround.
>   honestly, I do not have a complete workaround.. we still need a 
> PostGIS 2.1 .deb using
> libgdal1h
>   I meant that the apt.postgresql.org  repo with PostgreSQL 9.3 is 
> complete enough to
> be a basis for a Pg 9.3 base ..
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> OSGeo California Chapter
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As per: http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/ticket/1271
We need to resolve versions between IRIS and IPython.
numpy, matplotlib, scipy should be pulled once or else the build process 
takes forever to complete.

BTW, I don't see IPython listed as a supported/included OSGeoLive project.
Can someone please step up to create Quickstart/Overview and be the 
maintainer for it?
I know we agreed to let it in in previous releases, but since 
maintaining it now creates conflicts/interactions with other projects we 
need to have a maintainer for it. Thoughts?


Angelos Tzotsos
Remote Sensing Laboratory
National Technical University of Athens

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