[Live-demo] iPython Notebook on OSGeo-Live 8

maplabs at light42.com maplabs at light42.com
Sat Jul 5 10:47:46 PDT 2014

TO All SciPy and Python Viz interested people :

  yesterday, after the Live weekly meeting, I enabled iPython 2.1 in the nightly build.. This means that a modern iPython Notebook is available standard on the Live. I also added a stub iPython quickstart doc, to be developed.. 

  previously, iPython notebook used a single directory -- the current directory when iPython notebook is launched -- to hold all ipynb notebook files. New to me is the 2.x ability to use multiple source directories for ipynb files. 

  Given the Notebook's popularity, and inline graphical ability to use matplotlib+, I am asking the community if there is interest in making iPython Notebook-based examples for geospatial visualization a standard feature of the Live. There are several mapping toolkits available inline, BaseMap, CartoPy, and others like Vincent and Kartograph (?) Long-time contributor epifanio has created customized GRASS-iPython Notebook workflows for surface representations also. 

  If the Notebook format catches on.. perhaps it is possible to have an icon/logo next to each example... it might be a motivator to get publicity / recognition for projects this way.. feedback / ideas welcome

  best regards from Berkeley, California
  Brian M Hamlin
  OSGeo California Chapter

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