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Mon Jul 28 02:52:38 PDT 2014

#1373: Geospatial menu missing in LXDE
 Reporter:  kalxas   |       Owner:  hamish      
     Type:  task     |      Status:  assigned    
 Priority:  blocker  |   Milestone:  OSGeoLive8.0
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Comment(by hamish):

 the lovely docs,

 I can merge into the main panel menu by adding the `<Menu>` contents of
 osgeo-main.menu into /etc/xdg/lubuntu/menus/lxde-applications.menu but it
 would be better to have the whole thing in its own submenu, mimicking how
 the Geoclients currently is auto-added to the main panel menu.

 `<MergeDir>` seems like a possibility.

 Getting it on the other side of a separator (where the top "Run"+wombat
 placeholder is now) at the top of the main panel menu will take
 modification of the panel's C code and rebuilding the lxpanel package,
 AFAICT. Not sure if we should worry about that later once the other is
 working, or go for that first, since that way might not need any change to
 our existing osgeo-main.menu file, which might save a lot of work.


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