[Live-demo] Problems downloading the 7.9 osGEO vm

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 15:41:39 PDT 2014

Thanks for letting us know about issues.
I've raised an issue to track this: https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/ticket/1318
Seems the problem is with sourceforge.
I'm on irc://freenode.net#osgeolive now if people have ideas people can 
contribute to help fix this.

On 14/03/14 23:26, Agustin Diez Castillo wrote:
> Cameron,
> Thanks for the release.
> It seems that there is an extra dot in the link [1].
> Actually it seems that is with more links [2] in sourceforge [3]
> [1] The "/7.9/osgeo-live-vm-7..osgeo-live-vm-7.9.7z" file could not be 
> found or is not available. Please select another file
> [2] The "/7.9/osgeo-live-mini..eo-live-mini-7.9.iso" file could not be 
> found or is not available. Please select another file.
> [3] http://sourceforge.net/projects/osgeo-live/files/7.9/
> On Mar 14, 2014, at 4:35 AM, Cameron Shorter 
> <cameron.shorter at gmail.com <mailto:cameron.shorter at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> OSGeo today announced that the OSGeo-Live GIS software collection 
>> version 7.9 has been released, featuring more than fifty open source, 
>> standards compliant geospatial desktop applications, web applications 
>> and frameworks.
>> *Release Highlights*:
>> This release is a modernization update to last year's 7.0 release 
>> including new versions of the software but preserving much of the 
>> core build and operating system. In addition we've added a number of 
>> small fixes and updated document translations.
>> *OSGeo-Live Lightning Presentation*:
>> The OSGeo-Live Lightning Presentation which explains the breadth of 
>> OSGeo software is now bundled with OSGeo-Live. It is often presented 
>> by conference organisors, or keynote speakers. The presentation may 
>> be given as is, or modified to align with time constraints, 
>> presenter's interest, or conference focus. 
>> http://live.osgeo.org/livedvd/docs/en/presentation/
>> *Applications:*
>> Twenty two geospatial programs have been updated to newer versions. 
>> The core geospatial stack has also been upgraded from UbuntuGIS, and 
>> the base operating system has been updated to Xubuntu 12.04.4 LTS, 
>> including all the latest security and bug fixes, and web browser updates.
>> *About OSGeo-Live*:
>> OSGeo-Live is a self-contained bootable DVD, USB flash drive and 
>> Virtual Machine based upon Ubuntu Linux. OSGeo-Live is pre-configured 
>> with a wide variety of robust open source geospatial software. All 
>> applications can be trialled without installing anything on your 
>> computer, simply by booting the computer from a DVD or USB drive, or 
>> running in a Virtual Machine environment. Each featured package is 
>> accompanied by both a publication quality one page descriptive 
>> summary and a short tutorial on how to get started using it. 
>> http://live.osgeo.org OSGeo-Live includes:
>> * Over sixty quality geospatial Open Source applications installed 
>> and pre-configured
>> * Free world maps and geodata
>> * One page overview and quick start guide for every application
>> * Overviews of key OGC standards
>> * Translations to multiple languages
>> *Credits*:
>> Over 180 people have directly helped with OSGeo-Live packaging, 
>> documenting and translating, and thousands have been involved in 
>> building the packaged software. Developers, packagers, documenters 
>> and translators include:
>> Activity Workshop, Agustín Dí­ez, Aikaterini Kapsampeli, Alan 
>> Beccati, Alan Boudreault, Alessandro Furieri, Alexander Bruy, 
>> Alexander Kleshnin, Alexander Muriy, Alexandre Dube, Alexey Ardyakov, 
>> Alex Mandel, Amy Gao, Andrea Antonello, Andrea Yanza, Andrey 
>> Syrokomskiy, Andry Rustanto, Angelos Tzotsos, Anna Muñoz, Antonio 
>> Falciano, Anton Novichikhin, Anton Patrushev, Argyros Argyridis, 
>> Ariel Núñez, Assumpció Termens, Astrid Emde, Barry Rowlingson, 
>> Benjamin Pross, Brian Hamlin, Bruno Binet, Bu Kun, Cameron Shorter, 
>> Christophe Tufféry, Christos Iossifidis, Cristhian Pin, Damian 
>> Wojsław, Dane Springmeyer, Daniel Kastl, Daria Svidzinska, David 
>> Mateos, Denis Rykov, Diego González, Diego Migliavacca, Dimitar 
>> Misev, Dmitry Baryshnikov, Dominik Helle, Edgar Soldin, Eike Hinderk 
>> Jürrens, Elena Mezzini, Eric Lemoine, Erika Pillu, Estela Llorente, 
>> Etienne Delay, Etienne Dube, Evgeny Nikulin, Fran Boon, François 
>> Prunayre, Frank Gasdorf, Frank Warmerdam, Friedjoff Trautwein, Gavin 
>> Treadgold, Giuseppe Calamita, Grald Fenoy, Grigory Rozhentsov, Guy 
>> Griffiths, Hamish Bowman, Haruyuki Seki, Henry Addo, Hernan Olivera, 
>> Howard Butler, Hyeyeong Choe, Ian Edwards, Ian Turton, Ilya Filippov, 
>> Jackie Ng, Jan Drewnak, Jane Lewis, Javier Rodrigo, Javier Sánchez, 
>> Jesús Gómez, Jim Klassen, Jing Wang, Jinsongdi Yu, Jody Garnett, 
>> Johan Van de Wauw, John Bryant, Jorge Arévalo, Jorge Sanz, José 
>> Antonio Canalejo, José Vicente Higón, Judit Mays, Klokan Petr Pridal, 
>> Kristof Lange, kuzkok, Lance McKee, Lars Lingner, Luca Delucchi, 
>> Lucía Sanjaime, Mage Whopper, Manuel Grizonnet, Marc-André Barbeau, 
>> Marco Curreli, Marco Puppin, Marc Torres, Margherita Di Leo, Maria 
>> Vakalopoulou, Mario Andino, Mark Leslie, Massimo Di Stefano, Matthias 
>> Streulens, Mauricio Miranda, Mauricio Pazos, Maxim Dubinin, Michaël 
>> Michaud, Michael Owonibi, Micha Silver, Mike Adair, Milena 
>> Nowotarska, M Iqnaul Haq Siregar, Nacho Varela, Nadiia Gorash, 
>> Nathaniel V. Kelso, Ned Horning, Nobusuke Iwasaki, Oliver Tonnhofer, 
>> Òscar Fonts, Otto Dassau, Pasquale Di Donato, Patric Hafner, Paul 
>> Meems, Pavel, Pedro-Juan Ferrer, Pirmin Kalberer, Raf Roset, Regina 
>> Obe, Ricardo Pinho, Roald de Wit, Roberta Fagandini, Roberto Antolin, 
>> Roberto Antolí­n, Roger Veciana, Ruth Schoenbuchner, Samuel Mesa, 
>> Scott Penrose, Sergey Grachev, Sergio Baños, Simon Cropper, Simon 
>> Pigot, Stefan A. Tzeggai, Stefan Hansen, Stefan Steiniger, Stephan 
>> Meissl, Steve Lime, Takayuki Nuimura, Thierry Badard, Thomas 
>> Baschetti, Thomas Gratier, Tom Kralidis, Toshikazu Seto, Trevor 
>> Wekel, Valenty González, Vera, Xianfeng Song, Yoichi Kayama, Zhengfan Lin
>> Sponsoring organisations
>> * The Open Source Geospatial Foundation OSGeo provides the primary 
>> development and hosting infrastructure and personnel for the 
>> OSGeo-Live project, and infrastructure for many of the software 
>> projects themselves. http://osgeo.org
>> * LISAsoft provides sustaining resources and staff toward the 
>> management and packaging of software onto the Live DVD. 
>> http://www.lisasoft.com
>> * Information Center for the Environment (ICE) at the University of 
>> California, Davis provides hardware resources and development support 
>> to the OSGeo Live project. http://ice.ucdavis.edu
>> * Remote Sensing Laboratory at the National Technical University of 
>> Athens, provides hardware resources and development support to the 
>> OSGeo-Live project. http://www.ntua.gr
>> * The DebianGIS and UbuntuGIS teams provide and quality-assure many 
>> of the core packages. http://wiki.debian.org/DebianGis and 
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGIS
>> -- 
>> Cameron Shorter,
>> Software and Data Solutions Manager
>> LISAsoft
>> Suite 112, Jones Bay Wharf,
>> 26 - 32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009
>> P +61 2 9009 5000,  Wwww.lisasoft.com,  F +61 2 9009 5099
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Cameron Shorter,
Software and Data Solutions Manager
Suite 112, Jones Bay Wharf,
26 - 32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009

P +61 2 9009 5000,  W www.lisasoft.com,  F +61 2 9009 5099

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