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#1333: Consider adding Apache SIS
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 The Geospatial integrity of geoscience software (GIGS) guidances is a set
 of tests developed
 by the authors of the well-known EPSG database. From their web site:

     GIGS is a process developed in response to significant concern and
 user experiences
     of violations of geospatial integrity of data when using geoscience
 software, resulting
     in incorrect results, inconsistent understanding and misleading
 information for the user

 This talk will cover the progress over the last 2 years in the
 implementation of GIGS tests
 in the GeoAPI conformance test suites. GeoAPI 3.0 is an OGC standard
 defining a set of Java
 interfaces that different libraries can implement. GeoAPI Conformance is a
 suite of JUnit tests that any
 GeoAPI implementation can leverage. The relationship with CITE tests will
 be briefly explained and the
 execution of GIGS tests will be demonstrated on Proj.4, the UCAR NetCDF
 library and Apache SIS.

 The Apache Spatial Information System (SIS) is a top level project at the
 Apache Software Foundation
 (ASF). The goals of Apache SIS are to provide an ALv2 licensed Java
 toolkit and API that developers
 can leverage to build spatial information systems. This includes the
 OGC/ISO services commonly found
 in similar toolkits (metadata, referencing, queries, etc.) with particular
 attention given to the
 needs of geoscience applications and data integrity.

 The SIS project has undergone successful incubation at the ASF in fall
 2012. The project is both
 relatively young, and in the process of inheriting a relatively large code
 base from other projects.
 This situation gives to users an opportunity to influence the SIS design
 in an early stage and
 experiment now what may come later.

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