[Live-demo] Fwd: iPython Office Hours

maplabs at light42.com maplabs at light42.com
Thu May 8 08:24:01 PDT 2014

Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 11:46:32 -0700
 From: Thomas Kluyver 
 Subject: [IPython-dev] IPython 'office hours', 17:00 UTC, Tuesday 13 May

Next Tuesday, we'll be running another IPython office hours, a chance for
 anyone who's interested to chat with the core team about IPython

Tuesday 13 May, 17:00 UTC (6pm BST, 10am PDT)

Come and ask us about developing interactive widgets, the message spec
 changes for the next version of IPython, the new kernel spec system, or
 anything else about extending or working on IPython. 

E-mail me with your Google e-mail address if you'd like to join us in the
 video chat - we'll try to get as many people as possible into the Hangout. 
 If we have a lot of people, or you're on a slow connection, join our
 development chat room, which we'll be logged into at the same time:


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