[Live-demo] Saga Quickstart

Hamish hamish.webmail at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 22:06:58 PDT 2014

Zoltan wrote:
> I couldn't update the last part (Importing/exportin data), the used 
> SRTM_u03_n041e002.tif file not found on the DVD and I couldn't find
> any similiar file among the available data sets.

it's in /usr/local/share/saga/, but I think we should replace it with
a more modern version from SRTM.

I've noticed that the hole filling in SRTMv3 is not always as good as
say r.fillnulls in GRASS GIS does, and as holes are common in steep
mountain data maybe it is better to grab a v2.1 tile if there are any
ugly artifacts in the v3 version of it, then leave the hole filling as an exercise in the quickstart.


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