[Live-demo] Saga Quickstart

Siki Zoltan siki at agt.bme.hu
Wed Sep 3 05:07:51 PDT 2014

Dear Hamis,

you are right the quality of my uploaded screenshots are pure.
I try to improve them...


On Tue, 2 Sep 2014, Hamish wrote:

> Zoltan wrote:
>> I've committed the changes of saga_quickstart.rst and some images to
>> svn. revision 11959
> Hi,
> this isn't a criticism, just a general reminder to people uploading
> images about our ongoing struggle to free up every little bit of
> disk space we can-
> if running in a VM and the resolution has been stretched the image
> comes out a bit dithered/out of focus, which has the tendency to make
> the PNG images four times as big as they otherwise would have been.
> If the screenshot has a high proportion of imagery check if a 85%
> quality JPEG makes the filesize much smaller without compromising on
> clarity. Images already fuzzed/dithered from a stretch will generally
> look no worse as JPEGs (but try to avoid that happening in the first
> place :).
> For remaining PNGs run them through 'optipng -o5' or better crusher,
> often this can save 30%, losslessly. If not using an alpha channel,
> drop it back to just RGB from RGBA.
>> I havn't change the last part with missing strm file.
> Can SAGA deal with raw .hgt files? How about .hgt.zip without unzipping
> them first? Those usually are less than 1.5mb per SRTM file so having
> one of them on the disc would be fine I think. hgt should be more
> relevant than an ancient Surfer grid anyway.
>> I'll try to use some pointclouds or dtm from the available data.
> I don't thing we ship any LAZ or LAS, but there is some lidar data
> in ~/data/north_carolina/shape/ to play with (elev_lid*.shp). Also
> in the NC raster dir there are a number of DEMs and satellite imagery
> to drape over it.
> thanks,
> Hamish

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