[Live-demo] Report 13 - Integration of geospatial OSS in educational

epi massimodisasha at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 14:11:10 PDT 2015

Please find attached my final report:

https://github.com/epifanio/IPython_notebooks/blob/master/OSGeo-live/osgeolive-gsoc-2015/Report/Weekly%20report%2013.ipynb <https://github.com/epifanio/IPython_notebooks/blob/master/OSGeo-live/osgeolive-gsoc-2015/Report/Weekly%20report%2013.ipynb>

Looking fwd to continue to work on this project also after the end of the GSOC period. 
Hopefully we'll see the geospatial notebooks fully integrated in the OSGeo-live 9.5 release in spring 2016. 
A lot of work is still needed but hopefully we now have a solid sw infrastructure from where to start. 
It has been a very long and intensive project, I hope it will help others in contributing interesting notebooks based on the  OSGeo-Live. 

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