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Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Sat Aug 22 15:02:49 PDT 2015

Hi All -
  Coincidentally, I met with Scott Chamberlain from ropensci.org at 
length yesterday.. Scott is interested in seeing the R environment for 
OSGeo Live, and would like to potentially add some WKT support to his 
current work.   Please contact Scott directly if you would like to 
follow up on this. 
best regards 
Brian M Hamlin

On Sat, 22 Aug 2015 22:47:26 +0100, Robin Lovelace  wrote:

       Hi Cameron (cc all)

Many thanks for the fast reply - I'll check that out and try to do it 
through the formal channels, perhaps with some pointers from Barry :-)

To reply to your question, yes the R Project Overview and Quickstart 
should be extended to also cover RStudio. 

I've spoken to Barry Rowlingson who wrote this and he's encouraging me 
to get involved. 

This seems to be the file I'll need to modify: 

That documentation mission is the easy part for me - getting the 
install script together will be the challenge - one I'm up for!

All the best,


On 08/22/2015 10:06 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:

        Hi Robin,
Great to hear of your interest in the use of OSGeo-Live. I'd encourage 
you to add an entry about it here: 

Regarding including RStudio, from your description, it sounds like it 
would be a good addition. We are too late to include it in the next 9.0 
release, however it could potentially be included in 9.5. 

The process for adding a new project is described here:

Further to that description, I'd be interested to hear advise on 
whether RStudio should be included as a separate application to R, or 
whether the R Project Overview and Quickstart should be extended to 
also cover RStudio. 

Warm regards, Cameron

On 23/08/2015 6:47 am, Robin Lovelace wrote:

       I want to use OSGeo Live for teaching at Leeds University, so 
have a vested interest in it being good!

One question: I tried to send an email to the OSGeo-live email group 
requesting RStudio as a program but it seems to have disappeared. Any 
ideas what happened to that email? Should I raise this issue again?




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	Subject:Feature suggestion: RStudio
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Dear list members,

I'd like to suggest the inclusion of RStudio in OSGeo Live:

I've just tested 9.0 Beta and it works! (screenshot attached). 

There are things we can do to make it more user friendly, crucial for
its uptake as a teaching resource. 

One of those things is the addition of RStudio which makes life soooo
much easier for people using R. 
(I have more more ideas but will keep them to myself for now - RStudio
would be the priority.)

Any comments? Happy to try adding it via GH if people with experience
point me in the right direction. 



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