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#1522: GeoNetwork 3.0.1 fails to start in a VM
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Comment (by fxp):

 > So, I understand that providing the database binary now works fine

 After further testing of last build with different VM configuration, I
 would say:
 * use GN3 on a virtual box with at least 3+Go RAM (as it looks like
 startup issues are mainly related to memory troubles) - 1Go does not
 start, 2Go sometimes starts.
 * on first startup, it still create the database and load default data so
 it takes some times.
 * sometimes (not sure exactly when and why) it refresh the JS cache and
 needs memory for that
 * ImageIO, it looks related to JDK version and the imageio version used
 (first time this issue is observed AFAIK). Removing imageio from the lib
 folder fix the issue:

 /usr/local/lib/geonetwork/bin$ rm ../web/geonetwork/WEB-

 Once you have an application running with a default db and a JS cache
 populated, startup and using the application is fast.

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