[Live-demo] GSoC ideas for OSGeo-Live?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 11:54:50 PST 2015

As per below, we have 9 days if we wish to pitch to get an GSoC student 
working on OSGeo-Live.

Who has ideas they would like to see worked on?

Last year Jerome updated packaging of OSGeo C based projects, and 
started looking into packaging java based projects.

So I'd still like to see a .deb packaging of java based projects initiated.

It would be really good to also see someone tackle building of .rpm 
packaging of the OSGeo stack for Redhat systems.

Also packaging of on Windows, based on cygwin and osgeo4w.

On 10/02/2015 10:34 pm, Hamish wrote:
> Hi everyone! I've been off the grid and away from the computer for
> most of this southern hemisphere summer, it's been a hectic but an
> entirely refreshing hiatus. :-) I'm still away from the office for the
> next week but will have Internet access at least some time in the day.
> As discussed with Anne earlier I'm happy and available to take on the
> role of primary admin for 2015. Having done GSoC admin work for the
> last 7-8? years I know it is a massive time sink, so the co-admin'ing
> help will be most welcome and helpful!
> I need to send a separate email to osgeo-discuss about this, but the
> main thing we need from our osgeo teams *this week* is for the member
> projects to coordinate on their respective dev mailing lists and get
> their 2015 ideas pages into shape. That is the primary thing Google
> will judge OSGeo's application on and despite past success there is no
> guarantee whatsoever that we'll be asked back. If the ideas pages are
> weak and simply recycled links to last year's we could be left out in
> the cold. They want to see that we have active and interested mentors
> and a well developed ideas page is the way to show that.
> Follow the guide in the mentors' manual* on how to write up a good
> ideas page. We'll link to the various ideas pages from the main osgeo
> wiki page as we have in years past.
> [*] http://en.flossmanuals.net/GSoCMentoring/making-your-ideas-page/
> One thing to discuss about this year is tightening up the application
> process to weed out problematic students early on in the process. This
> may mean we take less students this year and strongly focus on quality
> not quantity. The typical GSoC way of doing that up-front is to
> require the students to send a patch to the project's bug tracker for
> some bug/feature of their choosing as a component of their
> application. This proves they can code(!), forces them to register
> with trac or redmine, download, build, and understand the code tree,
> learn how to use svn/git and diff+patch tools, and gets them involved
> with the community early on. Another way would be to place a limit on
> how many total osgeo newbies we take on. Please do share your thoughts
> in a new thread.
> kind regards and greetings,
> Hamish
> ps- again, those ideas pages are really really important and will be
> judged by a team of Google engineers starting in about 9 days time!

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