[Live-demo] Geomajas in OSGeo Live DVD 9.0 deployed in Tomcat as war?

Matthias Streulens Geomajas matthias.streulens at geomajas.org
Sat Feb 28 14:07:35 PST 2015


Now our Geomajas application is running with Jetty in the OSGeo Live DVD 
8.5 as standalone app.

As the Geomajas application can also deployed with a war I should 
propose that Geomajas is now in Tomcat 6 with Java 1.7 on the OSGeo Live 
DVD 9.0.

That should solve also the following issue I think:

What do you other members think of that?
What should I modify in the install script?
How to deliver a War file for the OSGeo Live DVD?

Kind regards,

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