[Live-demo] Motion: Changing translation system to use Sphinx internationalization instead of directory approach

Thomas Gratier osgeo.mailinglist at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 06:14:08 PDT 2015


I had a discussion at FOSS4G Europe about using Sphinx internationalization
<http://sphinx-doc.org/latest/intl.html> (i18n) instead of the current
directory approach.

It's already used in QGIS project, MapServer project, Python project,..

The advantages:

* Untied translators and contributors jobs by using Transifex
* Keeping the translation updated. For instance, if I do a translation in
French, then the English doc evolves slightly, it's difficult to track the
differences and I need to read nearly everything again or browse the
original file history then apply the change in French. It's not friendly IMO
* Do not use symbolic links when missing files: fallback to english
directly with i18n and not issue with Git (try to build the doc and do a
"git status" to understand)

If you wonder about the simplicity of Transifex, you can see the MapServer
documentation at http://mapserver.org/fr/development/translation.html

The drawbacks:

* It can't make documents differ per language (strict translation)

I've already worked a bit to make things happen about this at the code
sprint but I would like to reorganize the documentation to improve the

Do you have any opinions before I go further?


Thomas Gratier
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