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Sat Jul 25 03:08:03 PDT 2015

#1509: Ushahidi fails to startup
 Reporter:  kalxas   |       Owner:  live-demo@…
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  blocker  |   Milestone:  OSGeoLive9.0
Component:  LiveDVD  |  Resolution:
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Comment (by kalxas):


 --2015-07-24 13:37:35--
 Resolving download.ushahidi.com (download.ushahidi.com)...
 Connecting to download.ushahidi.com
 (download.ushahidi.com)||:80... connected.
 HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
 Length: 64 [text/html]
 Saving to: 'ushahidi.zip'

      0K                                                      100% 2.98M=0s

 2015-07-24 13:37:35 (2.98 MB/s) - 'ushahidi.zip' saved [64/64]

   End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not
   a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the
   latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
   the last disk(s) of this archive.
 unzip:  cannot find zipfile directory in one of ushahidi.zip or
         ushahidi.zip.zip, and cannot find ushahidi.zip.ZIP, period.
 mv: cannot stat '*': No such file or directory
 cp: cannot stat 'ushahidi/': No such file or directory
 chown: cannot access '/usr/local/share/ushahidi': No such file or


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