[Live-demo] Invitation for OSGeo-Live workshop at FOSS4G Europe

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 15:25:39 PDT 2015

Great to see that we have both volunteers and ideas flowing for such a 

I agree with the ideas being suggested so far, and am all for those of 
you attending to agree amongst yourselves what the shape of the workshop 
should look like.

I think any such workshops are more valuable when you tap into the 
personalities, and experience of the presenters.

My thoughts for the presentation have been:
* Quick introduction to Linux/Ubuntu

* Optional: General overview of OSGeo / OGC / OGC standards

* Walk through each category, eg Desktop GIS. Very briefly mention each 
OSGeo project in the category (You can draw upon the OSGeo-Live 
lightning presentation if you wish). Then pick one of the applications 
in the category to explain the concepts. Eg, for Desktop GIS you might 
choose QGIS. (The Quickstarts should hopefully contain enough material 
for this).

However, I'd prefer local attendees to take the lead and regarding 
defining content.

I'll leave it to those of you attending to coordinate amongst each 
other. Hopefully one of you will volunteer to take the lead in 
coordinating everyone?

And hopefully we can get some updated training content which we can 
build into our existing documentation base.


On 19/03/2015 8:08 am, Daniel Kastl wrote:
>     > 1. What ideas do people have about what should be included in an
>     OSGeo-Live
>     > workshop? What material do people have already which we can
>     build upon? (We
>     > have a starting point with our presentation:
>     > http://live.osgeo.org/en/presentation/index.html )
> It's not clear to me how an OSGeo Live workshop would look like. 4 
> hours of going through each and every Quickstart?
> I'm not really convinced that OSGeo Live makes a good workshop.
> But I think it's a perfect platform to use for every workshop. Almost 
> every FOSS4G event now encourages the use of OSGeo Live (or makes it 
> even mandatory).
> Just a few notes based on my experience with OSGeo Live for my own 
> workshop:
>   * Installing a workshop package:
>     It's practically impossible to include every workshop on the ISO,
>     but having to download and install workshop material is always a
>     point of failure and just takes time I would like to use for the
>     workshop. Not sure there is an easy way to do this, maybe a shared
>     workshop directory, that has a link on the Desktop?
>   * Very basic "Ubuntu Quickstart"
>     I think for many workshop participants OSGeo Live is the first
>     time they use Ubuntu (Linux). It can be tough to follow a workshop
>     and have to use a completely new OS. Maybe a Desktop background
>     image could provide the most important information (ie. arrows
>     pointing to application menu ...)
>   * Reliability and speed of USB sticks
>     It just happens too often, that USB sticks with OSGeo Live don't
>     work as expected for whatever reason. And every event usually
>     orders its own USB sticks from their dealer of choice.
>     >
>     > 3. Who will be at FOSS4G-EU and would be willing to help present
>     such a workshop?
> I will be there.
> Best regards,
> Daniel
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