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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed May 27 15:31:27 PDT 2015

Hi Jorge, others,
One thing which would be very valuable would be to align development of 
GIS training material with the OSGeo-Live build process. Probably 
incorporate training material in the documentation at:

This could be collaboratively developed and continually updated by both 
project teams, training institutes, and our existing teams of translators.

Jorge, it looks like you have a good start on this. I'd be interested to 
see how we could link with OSGeo-Live.

Warm Regards, Cameron

On 27/05/2015 7:01 am, Jorge Gustavo Rocha wrote:
> Hi Charlie, hi Andy,
> Last year I've started (but not finished) a web gis course, based on 
> OSGeo Live.
> My goal was to create a course that could be translated to different 
> languages, and always using local data.
> I've created http://mapmaking.info/ to setup the course. I've just 
> created contents for chinese students, using chinese data (but I 
> didn't had time to write it in mandarim, so it is still in english). 
> Now I'm translating the course to portuguese, using data from Portugal.
> My suggestion is to use administrative data for some global source like:
> * http://www.gadm.org/
> * http://gdem.ersdac.jspacesystems.or.jp/
> * OSM planet extracts
> Every student would use the same technologies, the same algoritms, but 
> using data that has some meaning for them. Those interested in 
> teaching the course to a new community would have to translate the 
> contents and to provide the equivalent datasets related with the 
> community.
> We already have tons of open source software available in different 
> languagues and amazing data from all around the globe. It is time to 
> create powerful contens "Think globally" adapted to local learning 
> communities "act locally".
> As a minor note, whenever possible, we should align our syllabus with 
> the BoK, despite web gis being the weakest BoK topic.
> Regards,
> Jorge Gustavo
> On 26-05-2015 17:37, Charles Schweik wrote:
>> Hello GeoForAll colleagues,
>> Some colleague and I just received some funding to develop a new Web-GIS
>> course for Spring 2016, and this week we are working on a rough draft
>> syllabus as a requirement from the funder. We're in negotiation with the
>> funder on intellectual property rights, but we are confident that we
>> will be able to license the course open access under some Creative
>> Commons license. I also want to try and use this effort as a step
>> forward in our quest to build the content system and a 'new derivative
>> work' system.
>> My request:
>> *
>> *
>> *If you have taught a Web-GIS class in the last few years and are
>> willing to share your syllabus with us*, or if you have relevant
>> materials you are willing to share, please let me know (and copy my
>> developer colleague, Andy Anderson, cc'd above). If we use anything,
>> we'd of course give you attribution!
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Charlie Schweik
>> Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
>> Dept of Environmental Conservation and Center for Public Policy and
>> Administration
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> J. Gustavo

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