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Le 31 mai 2015 14:10:07 UTC+02:00, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> a écrit :
>Hi Clement,
>Thanks for answering the questions below. It is very helpful for 
>understanding the maturity of a project.
>My initial assessment is that the project looks to be showing a lot of 
>promise, but is probably not ready yet for OSGeo-Live.
>OSGeo-Live's core aim is to help new users find established Open Source
>GIS applications on OSGeo-Live, which is good for the established 
>projects, but unfortunately a bit hard on new projects looking to find 
>I'd encourage you to continue working to attract a user and developer 
>community, as you appear to be doing. You might also align with an 
>existing established project, which in turn will help you adopt their 
>You are also welcome to write OSGeo-Live installer scripts for osm2x3d.
>Other projects have done this in the past, including the installer 
>scripts a few releases before actually being included on OSGeo-Live. 
>This made it easy to set up the application on OSGeo-Live to be run as
>base for workshops or similar, and helps build up a community and show 
>robustness of the application.
>I suggest you also look at the OSGeo Incubation process [1]. Although 
>your project might not be ready to go through the process yet, it is a 
>good thing to be thinking about as your grow your project and are 
>putting processes in place, such that it is easier to incubation when 
>you are ready.
>Kind regards,
>On 31/05/2015 8:53 am, Clément Igonet wrote:
>> On 2015-05-24 05:12, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>> On 24/05/2015 7:33 am, clement at igonet.fr wrote:
>>>> May we add osm2x3d command line tool to the distribution?
>>>> I'm the author of this open and free project.
>>>> Clement Igonet
>>> Hi Clement,
>>> Nice to hear your interest in joining OSGeo-Live.
>>> I'm moving your request across to the OSGeo-Live email list.
>>> I'm interested to know more about osm2x3d to see if it fits in with
>>> our project selection criteria.
>>> Why don't you have a look at our selection criteria, and if you
>>> your project qualifies, and you are up to putting in the effort
>>> required to bring the project onto OSGeo-Live, then fill out the
>>> application form and email to our OSGeo-Live list.
>>> Your timing is good, as we are just starting the build process for
>>> OSGeo-Live 9.0.
>>> Details here:
>> Hi Cameron,
>> Questions I have answered for requesting to add an application to 
>> OSGeo-Live:
>> What is its name?
>> =================
>> osm2x3d
>> What is the home page URL?
>> ==========================
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osm2x3d
>> Which OSI approved Open Source Licence is used?
>> ===============================================
>> GPL v3 in licenses/gpl.txt
>> What does the application do and how does it add value to the 
>> GeoSpatial stack of software?
>> osm2x3d converts Open Street Map xml data to X3D file, exploiting 
>> buildings info like elevation, number of floors, roof type, etc...
>> It is comparable to OSM2World but osm2x3d is focused on X3D format
>> aims to provide access to building indoor, using a project like Open 
>> Earth View (3D web navigation with x3dom javascript library).
>> Next features:
>>    - building textures,
>>    - link with floor plan in SVG format,
>>    - link with Point of Interest for a given floor
>> Does the application make use of OGC standards?
>> ===============================================
>> It makes use of OSM xml data and X3D format.
>> Client or server?
>> =================
>> It is a command line tool and can be used in client or server side.
>> What language is it written in?
>> ===============================
>> osm2x3d is currently written in C++ language, using some boost
>> Which version of the application should be included in the next 
>> OSGeo-Live release?
>> V1.0.0
>> OpenHUB:
>> =======
>> "Account creation is temporarily suspended".
>> What is the size of the user community?
>> =======================================
>> This project has been presented in OSGeo, framasoft, X3D and x3dom 
>> mailing lists.
>> osm2x3d is used by Open Earth View project.
>> What is the size of your developer community?
>> =============================================
>> One person at the moment.
>> Do you have a bug free, stable release?
>> =======================================
>> Bug free, but restricted features.
>> Please discuss the level of testing that your project has gone
>> osm2x3d is a command line tool.
>> As a black box, it gets OSM xml data as input and provide 3D scene 
>> file (X3D file format) as output.
>> Is has been tested using several kind of OSM xml data.
>> How long has the project has had mature code.
>> =============================================
>> The architecture os the code is mature, but osm2x3d, as a very basic 
>> tool (using linux command line), will be continuously improved adding
>> lot of new features.
>> Manual:
>> =======
>> This tool is a converter from Open Street Map xml data file to X3D 
>> scene graph for buildings.
>> Usage:
>>     osm2x3d.uexe -i/--input INPUT -o/--output OUTPUT
>>     cat INPUT | osm2x3d.uexe > OUTPUT
>> Example :
>> $ osm2x3d.uexe -i esb.osm -o result.x3d --verbose
>> Options :
>> -h / --help             print this help
>> --verbose / --brief     verbose / brief mode
>> -s / --noStrictBounds   permissive bounds mode
>> -t / --noTile           no OSM png tile
>> -i / --input            Open Street Map xml input file
>> -o / --output           X3D xml scene graph. Default is "result.x3d" 
>> on working
>>                         directory
>> -l / --LoD              Level of Detail (Building, BuildingPart)
>> Project presentation:
>> ====================
>> Friday june 19th (17:00 PM), in Paris, PSES (Pas Sage En Seine).
>> I'm volunteer to be responsible for ensuring the install scripts.
>> I'm volunteer to update English documentation for each OSGeo-Live 
>> release.
>> I will act as the project's liaison person.
>> Application installation:
>> ========================
>> I need to discuss how my application will be installed.
>> For sure, osm2x3d runs in 512 Meg of RAM.
>> Disk space to install the application and a suitable example 
>> application: about 1 MB.
>> My project overview is available under a CC By and a Quickstart 
>> available under a CC By-SA license.
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>Software and Data Solutions Manager
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