[Live-demo] Starting the build process for OSGeo-Live 9.5

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 03:24:06 PST 2015

I had the following email sent directly to me.
I'm responding publicly to the OSGeo-Live list as I there may be others 
with suggestions, but have removed the sender's name.

On 23/11/2015 6:36 am, XXX wrote:
> Is it possible to add more desktop managers? Lubuntu has just LXDE. 
> With the current project, when I try to use another manager (GNOME or 
> Cinnamon), lots of programs stop working (and I really don't 
> understand why).
> This is not really a matter of functionality. It's just that I don't 
> enjoy working in a Windows-like distribution of Linux. I think GNOME 
> is a environment that aims productivity.

For OSGeo-Live, we only support one desktop manager, primarily as 
reduces the amount of testing required in getting the release out. 
Lubuntu is the desktop we use because it is small and we try to keep the 
size small enough to fit on a DVD.

We'd be happy to see another distribution supported as a branch, but I 
expect it will be quite a bit of effort. Volunteers are always welcome.

> There's also a recommendation of adding a program called SPRING 
> (http://www.dpi.inpe.br/spring/english/index.html). I underestimated 
> this software for remote sensing image processing. My mistake. I never 
> saw a software transform a scanned map (raster) into vector so fast 
> and so perfectly. And I will not mention the awesome speed of its 
> supervised classification. It's astounding. I never witnessed 
> something alike. Not in free or proprietary software.
> Sadly! This software will not be supported anymore. I hope someone 
> fork it in some moment.

If this project is as good as you suggest, and there is a community 
behind the project who wish to do the work to bring the project to 
OSGeo-Live, then we would certainly consider it.
The process is described here:

> And... That's it!
> Thanks!
> 2015-11-22 17:18 GMT-02:00 Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com 
> <mailto:cameron.shorter at gmail.com>>:
>     We are starting the build cycle for version 9.5 of the OSGeo-Live
>     [1] DVD/USB/VM which will be released in March 2016, ready for
>     several special events, including FOSS4G-NA, FOSSGIS (Salzburg,
>     Austria), among others.
>     We would like to hear from anyone wishing to add new projects to
>     OSGeo-Live, anyone wishing to extend or add translations, or
>     anyone who has ideas on how we should shape the upcoming release.
>     Key Milestones
>     11 Jan 2016 All new applications installed, most old applications
>     updated
>     01 Feb 2016 Feature Freeze (all apps updated)
>     15 Feb 2016 User Acceptance Test (all apps installed and working)
>     21 Mar 2016 Final ISO sent to printers
>     About OSGeo-Live
>     OSGeo-live is a Lubuntu based distribution of Geospatial Open
>     Source Software, available via a Live DVD, Virtual Machine and
>     USB. You can use OSGeo-Live to try a wide variety of open source
>     geospatial software without installing anything.
>     [1] http://live.osgeo.org
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>     LISAsoft
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Cameron Shorter,
Software and Data Solutions Manager
Suite 112, Jones Bay Wharf,
26 - 32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009

P +61 2 9009 5000,  W www.lisasoft.com,  F +61 2 9009 5099

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